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The Scholastic Press Association of Chicago (SPAC) supports the mission of high school journalists through workshops, scholarships and professional linkages throughout the year.  We support the mission of the National Scholastic Press Association which works to help students become better reporters, writers, editors, photographers, designers, desktop publishers, and advertising and business staffers. SPAC also is an advocate for journalism advisors who seek resources and networking opportunities.

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Teacher Resources

Lesson plans and other things to make the teaching experience rewarding and challenging.  Also provides links to national organizations who sponsor journalism competitions.

SPAC Write-Off

Information on the Scholastic Press Association of Chicago's Annual Write-Off and Awards Ceremony.

Funding Resources

Links to publication grants, teaching fellowships and scholarships for high school students pursuing careers in journalism.

Youth Media

Journalism & Publishing

Local and national media outlets that feature scholastic press on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Meet The SPAC Board of Directors

  Joyce Spight

Chester Tylinski

Tom Voegtle

       Rhonda Berow

      John Gonczy

Linda Jones

                  John McClelland

Scholastic Press Association of Chicago

430 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, Illinois. 60605
Phone: 312-341-3813
Fax    : 773-779-9330

Contact Person
Linda Jones